Welcome to the AutoAI Lab (Li Research Group), at the Department of Automotive Engineering, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). We are located in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina USA.

Our research is focusing on Autonomous AI, especially robot vision and learning in interactive, dynamic, and uncertain environments. We have also been developing assistive and assistance technologies of navigation and safety aid to help at-risk individuals.

Research Themes

Our current research themes and activities mainly include:

  • Exploring fundamental frontier in robot sensing, perception, mapping, planning, artificial intelligence (AI), self-supervised AI, and edge-AI for autonomous agents and intelligence;
  • Conducting applied research such as on driving safety, assistive mobility and navigation, and assistance technologies using robotics and AI;
  • Creating tools and techniques for programming, simulating, and evaluating populations of machine perception, autonomy, and AI.

Latest News

  • 02/2021: A CECAS Undergraduate Research Grant is awarded to Jack Carroll for Assistive Mobility research under the mentorship of Dr. Li.
  • 12/2020: Our research is funded by GVSC through VIPR-GS Center to work on situational awareness of off-road autonomy. Dr. Li as a Co-PI.
  • 08/2020: Our research is funded by the U.S. DOT Center for Connected Multimodal Mobility to work on vision-based assistive mobility for the visually impaired. Dr. Li as the PI.
  • 06/2020: Our research is funded by GVSC through VIPR-GS Center to work on off-road autonomous vehicle modeling and simulation. Dr. Li as a Co-PI.
  • 01/2020: U.S. patent issued. “Method, apparatus and computer program product for mapping and modeling a three dimensional structure” (B. Li and R. Valde), US Patent 10,539,676.
  • 03/2019: Our research is funded by an industry partner to work on autonomous lawnmower robots. Dr. Li as a Co-PI.